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An asset is an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization. In any organization, asset managers are challenged with managing extremely valuable “fixed” assets, which are not fixed or static at all. In fact, these fixed assets move frequently, both within the organization and in and out of the organization. Due to improper human intervention, the respective departments will not be able to use the assets which will result in over-purchasing new assets in its place, updating wrong report of missing asset & increasing cost. Asset Management‘s traditional focus has been about gathering asset information, such as asset location, asset configuration, maintenance activities, production throughput, and so on. Asset Management involves the balancing of costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets, to achieve the organizational objectives. Our RFID based Asset tracking & Management Software enables effective tracking & recording of all the fixed dispersed assets of an organization, resulting in better accounting practices, maintenance and upkeep of the assets.

Why asset tracking is required

  • Maintain ongoing audit procedures
  • Struggle to match that accuracy when it comes to their valuable servers, computers, test equipment, networking hardware and storage devices.
  • Expending several man-months of staff time to conduct a manual inventory, searching for missing assets and reconciling assets that can’t be found.
  • Over-purchasing hardware to ensure proper availability.
  • Asset & data security (assets leaves the building no one knows how secured it is because there is no record).
  • Fail to return leased assets on time resulting in late fees.
  • Full inventory cycles are expensive, time consuming and labor intensive.

Advantages of Asset Tracking using RFID

  • Provides Managers with a reliable tool to help keep track of valuable and portable items.
  • RFID makes data entry more efficient& reduces errors inherent in manual tracking.
  • Multiple items can be automatically scanned at once, which can save a significant amount of time.
  • No line of sight required.
  • Tags used in asset tracking are Passive RFID tags, which are cost effective. They are without batteries due to which they are maintenance free & can be mounted on any objects.

OUR Asset Management Solution has following offering-

Software Component

  • Application Server & Middleware
  • Asset Manager Software
  • RFID Tag Assigner POS
  • Mobile Asset Auditor

Hardware Component

  • RFID POS System
  • Handheld Terminal
  • RFID Tags (metallic and non-metallic)

Asset Manager Software